Monday Blues


Suffering through the coldest morning of the year? Waking up lack of passion and motivation on this Monday morning.


One way to cure it, would always be a good cup of coffee and I mean, a f*cking good coffee.


The Return of Rad at Mt.Eden would be your choice! Uses Rocket Coffee, offer the basic black & white but also filters. Range from Aeropress and Cold Drip. If you’re not a big fan of coffee like I am, RAD has also got smoothies.

Kindly reminder if you would like to have brunch, they are quite busy during the weekend so make sure you go before the rush hour or maybe just get ready to wait for their delicious Vietnamese inspired brunch menu! 🙂





Nom Hunt.

Are you a burger fan?

Well, I can tell you I am not but my mates were having a crave for ’em. So we decided to try out The Bearded Clam, unfortunately last week was a ticketed event… We didn’t end up going but change our mind to Tiger Burger, located in Grey Lynn just 10 min from CBD. I can tell you their bun is so dzamn soft but churchy at the same time – not crumbly at all!

Kimcheese Fries

Got their Kimcheese Fries to share and the name says it all. It’s kimchi with cheese on fries top with some spring onion. *that kick is good*

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Left – Bossam (Pork Belly Burger); Right – Smokey Lee (Weekly Specials)

We tried Gang-Jeong burger too which is their fried chicken thigh burger, its good too but if you’re not a fan of spicy food you might just go with the Bossam. It’s the pork belly burger, that melts in your mouth balanced with the picked mu. :3 *slurp

Click here for their menu.

p/s: they offer whole range of drinks. Beer or shakes. You dont wanna miss it!


I wanted to dedicate my first post to coffee.


From being a curious kid to an actual junior barista and now a barista (at least I think I am). Coffee is more than just a caffeinated drink, it has its story and it has different hidden meaning behind.

Fortunate enough, my first job is to work in a specialty coffee shop. They let me understand you don’t need to be a hipster to be a barista, ’cause coffee drinkers will look up to you as long as you make a good cup of coffee. They roast their own filter coffees and if you have any question about your drinks, they will tell you all about it. Also! One thing you have to know if you’re a coffee lover, a good cup of coffee is not all on the barista!! Coffee can be easily affected from its growing environment that combine soil condition, rainfall and many more. Barista only do 30% of your coffee… I believe :X

To know more about specialty coffee, click here.


A small roastery as such focuses on origin coffees offering different brewing method that helps to bring out the best condition of a type of beans. If such small company can deliver this idea of specialty coffee to the public so easily, in the near future a lot more people will appreciate the difference origin coffees have to offer.



If you live in North Shore, Auckland, NZ.

Good coffee places include the following:

Toasted Espresso – Their head barista is ’16 NZ Cup Taster Champ, you don’t wanna missed him! Latte Art is 24/7 on point.

Black & Gold Eatery – Offers batch brew, v60 and cold-drip coffee. Try their Tasting Trio if you can’t decide what you want to order. 🙂

Ark Coffee – Got all the brewing gear you need if you’re a coffee enthusiast.