Monday Blues


Suffering through the coldest morning of the year? Waking up lack of passion and motivation on this Monday morning.


One way to cure it, would always be a good cup of coffee and I mean, a f*cking good coffee.


The Return of Rad at Mt.Eden would be your choice! Uses Rocket Coffee, offer the basic black & white but also filters. Range from Aeropress and Cold Drip. If you’re not a big fan of coffee like I am, RAD has also got smoothies.

Kindly reminder if you would like to have brunch, they are quite busy during the weekend so make sure you go before the rush hour or maybe just get ready to wait for their delicious Vietnamese inspired brunch menu! 🙂





Spice up your day!

Sorry to disappoint y’all. It’s not spicing up your life but sometimes all you need it’s just a little spice for your brunch.

After a whole week of brunch, you just feel like you need some kick to your lovely tastebud. Well, introducing you the perfect combination to Auckland shitty weather. Eden Noodles Cafe just located less than 5 min from CBD, a kindly reminder to you foodies. GO EARLY TO GET A SEAT if you are to dine in ’cause they open at 11am and there’s literally a line before they open the store.

I got there roughly 11:25am and yes we are lucky enough to get the very last table available. To be honest, you can never get disappointed with Eden Noodle ’cause it is amazing.

Top to Bottom: D1) DanDan Noodle; A5) Slobbery Chicken; D16) Dry Sichuan Noodle

When you place your order, you get to choose how spicy you want for your noodles/appetisers. Trust me, their mild is good enough and if you’re someone who likes spicy go for medium but I wouldn’t try spicy spicy ’cause your arse will be exploded by night or the next morning. I aint even kidding ’cause it’s so worth it, you need to try whenever you’re around!

Dumpling in Spicy Sauce (MUST HAVE)

What I like the most about this store is their dumpling, it’s perfectly cooked and soaked in their special sauces. We got spicy sauce but it was more towards sweet and sour with a hint of spice. That flavour can literally spice up your day!! *tiny tip, you need to mix the sauce with the dumpling when it comes or else they would all just stick together at the end. 🙂


A’ight, I’m off for now gotta head to the loo. 😀