Red Velvet Waffles & French Toast!

The title of this blog post should catch your attention immediately!

If you live on the Shore and don’t feel like driving over the bridge for brunch. Don’t worry! Drive towards Highway 18 ’cause you wont regret it (I promise). 🙂

The Collins at Greenhithe Road have got your back, it has your ordinary eggs on toasts and also the fancy as French Toast! If you are ever around, give it a go ’cause it taste more like  deep-friend tofu where you can get from Chinese Restaurants but better! It is brioche bread cut in cubes coated with macadamia nuts and cornflakes with a hint of egg flavour as you bite into it.

Left – Lamb Shoulder with Quinoa Salad; Mid Top – Big Boy Butty; Right – French Toast; Mid Bottom – All The Good Stuff.

The Collins uses Atomic for their coffee, there’s smoothie and whole range of tea available as well but even better they do alcohol as well. The cafe has a huge outdoor area dedicated for kids as well as your furry pets, indoor is divided into different section for you to hangout with your mates/family!

If you’re a sweet tooth like I am, I went back the next day to try their waffle cause they change seasonally! This weekend they had Red Velvet waffle, instead of placing red velvet crumbles on top of your ordinary waffle. Their waffle itself is red velvet!!! It is to die forrrrrrrr.

Back – Red Velvet Waffle; Front – French Toast




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